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Macau Pawn Shops Fuel Gambling Tourists

ATM and withdrawal limits were frustrating vacationers who wished to have some fun gambling while visiting Macau. Local pawn shops came up with a clever system to help travelers gamble as much as they wish and beat their banking limits. … Continue reading

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How to Get Quick Access to Cash at a Pawn Shop

At some point or another, everyone has been strapped for cash. There always is a bill to pay or a financial obligation that needs attention. When the money starts drying up, and your next paycheck is still weeks away, it … Continue reading

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How to Get The Best Deal For Your Diamonds

Buying and selling diamonds has become a big part of Pawn Expo and other pawn industry trade shows. Below are some tips from both a buyer’s and a seller’s point…read more

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Pawn Shops Have a Lot to Offer

If you think of a pawn shop as just a place to sell things, let this sign clue you in to the other reason to check out a local pawn shop. They’re also a great place to buy unique items.

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Nothing Beats a Pawn Shop for Fast Cash

Sometimes you need cash fast, and there’s no way better than to bring your old treasures and collectibles to a pawn shop. There are multiple ways going to a pawn shop is superior to other sale methods, such as time, … Continue reading

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National Pawnbrokers Association Presents Annual Awards at Pawn Expo 2015National Pawnbrokers Association

The National Pawnbrokers Association (NPA) announced today the recipients of the 2015 NPA Annual Awards. Each year NPA awards outstanding achievements on the part of its members in several areas… more

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